Little Words of Kindness Campaign


LWOK's Purpose and Mission

The effect and impact words can have on someone can be very powerful.  Sometimes reading or hearing a kind word from someone else and knowing there's someone out there who cares can change a person's life, making all the difference when it comes to wanting to give up or holding on and fighting through tough times because it's from those words one finds strength to continue on.  The Little Words of Kindness Campaign's mission and purpose is to connect survivors with one another through letters of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration written to each other.  The LWOK Campaign promotes sending positive messages to abuse survivors all over to let them know they are not alone and to help them heal more in building them up through notes written from the heart.

In addition to encouraging people to write letters, we also try to provide domestic violence shelters and crisis centers nationwide with writing materials such as journals, diaries, pens and notebooks that they can give to the victims and survivors they help as a way to encourage them to use writing to shatter their silence.  It's not always easy to tell family, friends and loved ones what we as survivors have gone through or what we're feeling as a result of the battles we fight, challenges we go through and struggles we endure.  Writing is a very therapeutic way for most survivors and victims to express the emotions they keep hidden inside for it is in writing those feelings out they find the release they need to let go and move forward in their lives.  Many of the shelters and centers that the Little Words of Kindness Campaign helps have specifically requested a need for diaries, notebooks, journals, and pens that they use in the support groups they have.  Currently there are over 20 shelters and centers taking part in the campaign although there are many more out there.

If you are interested in writing letters of encouragement, we ask that they be positive in nature because the purpose of these letters is to empower, inspire, motivate, and encourage someone else who may be facing difficult times.  There is no limit to how many letters a person can send in and you do not have to be an abuse survivor to help out or take part in the Little Words of Kindness Campaign.  

For more information on donating art supplies, writing supplies, and/or letters to the campaign and learning how you can become a part of the Little Words of Kindness Campaign please do not hesitate to contact us  on our Facebook page at or send an email to Jenna at [email protected]

Just recently the Little Words of Kindness Campaign has expanded to where the campaign is also reaching out to survivors of suicide as well.  Please note the campaign is not just for women but for men and children, too. 

The most beautiful, heartfelt moments in life come from the little acts of kindness we do for others because it's in those moments that we not only touch someone else's life with the compassion we show but we also help make their life more beautiful by making a difference in it no matter how small it may be for it's those small, ordinary, simple things we take the time to do that sometimes lead to the big, positive changes made in a person's life that they remember the most.
Copyright (c) Jenna Kandyce Linch